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Dishwasher Repairs In Burnaby Have Never Been That Easy!

Superior Appliance Service is a team of qualified technicians who are passionate about the services they provide. We believe in our approach, which is why we always provide a 3-month warranty. If your dishwasher breaks down during this time, the repair will be free of charge. Our warehouse is fully stocked with spare parts for all brands and appliances, so there is a high probability that your problem will be solved during the first visit. We offer dishwasher repairs in Burnaby with the best quality.

While we are friendly and courteous with customers, we are also decisive and uncompromising when repairing faulty appliances. Because our technicians are local to Burnaby, they are very familiar with your neighborhood and will be there to repair your appliance in a timely and professional manner. We can choose who we send out because each of our technicians has years of experience repairing a variety of devices.

Superior Appliance Servicer provides services for all major brands and models. Therefore, we can help you restore the functionality of almost any appliance from leading manufacturers. We provide dishwasher repair services throughout Burnaby for all appliance brands, including LG, Whirlpool, and everything in between!

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What Dishwasher Breakdowns Do Our Burnaby Technicians Fix?

A reliable dishwasher is likely to get the job done in a short time. However, over time, mineral and food waste begin to damage the appliance, and parts can break down. Most problems can be attributed to improper maintenance. Superior Appliance Service can help repair your dishwasher in Burnaby.

  • It’s leaking. A damaged inlet valve, door seal, or drain hose commonly causes dishwasher leaks. In addition, its hoses (drain, pump, and water supply) can become stiff or lose their seal over time. The hoses can be damaged, and water can leak through them. If there is any problem, the hose should be replaced. Leaks can occur when the unit’s pump is damaged. This can lead to a broken impeller that needs to be replaced. Also, replacing the damaged seal on the door is a better solution than trying to repair it. A reliable dishwasher repair specialist in Burnaby is the best option for repairing your appliance.
  • It won’t turn on. If you receive an error code, find the error and follow the recommended solutions. If you receive persistent error messages, it is likely that your control board is faulty or needs to be replaced. You should contact a qualified technician to check the control board. However, the most common problems are a tripped circuit breaker, a broken door latch, or a faulty control board.
  • The dishwasher does not drain. This can be a serious problem because too much water can ruin your kitchen. The cause of drainage problems is usually a check valve on the drain pump. You may need to install a check valve to make sure the drain is working properly.
  • Unclean dishes. Dirt and grease from dishwashers can build up over time. Food and grease particles can build up on the door, strainer gasket, or spray arms, reducing the water pressure coming out of these parts. Low water pressure can make the appliance difficult to use properly.
  • The dishwasher has a strange odor. If your appliance is emitting an unpleasant odor, be sure to check the drain hole as well as other areas for food residue and debris. Common odors can be eliminated by discarding the food and rinsing the filter.
  • Dishes not dry. Make sure your dishwasher has a rinse aid. If not, you can add it as needed. Most likely, the problem is due to a faulty heating element. It prevents the appliance from overheating when the water is heated. Your dishes will not be dry if one of these parts is broken. To check these components and repair them if they are faulty, you must use a multimeter. If you do not have your own multimeter, contact a technician to check the component.

Contact a dishwasher technician in Burnaby for any problems you’re uncomfortable diagnosing or fixing. Safety should always be the main focus.

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The Best Dishwasher Appliance Repair Is Always Near You In Burnaby 

Superior Appliance Service is here to get your appliances back in working order so that they work for you, not against you, because we understand how much you depend on the devices that make your life easier. We provide dishwasher repair services for all major manufacturers, including Kenmore, Frigidaire, and Kitchenaid. We can help you repair or replace your appliances, regardless of the brand. It’s not just about experience; because we are experts in the appliance industry, we will solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations.

We value honesty and diligence, and we enjoy our work. We are grateful for the trust of our customers and work hard to meet and exceed their requirements. Our dishwasher repair services in Burnaby will fix all your problems!

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What People Are Saying About Our Burnaby Dishwasher Repairs

Kelly Little

My gas range oven was not lighting. Tom came in and fixed it in 30 minutes. Was very professional, clean and fast. Thank you!

Feb 6, 2024
Keith Crawford

Showed up early to fix my oven and got it done quickly and professionally!!! Great customer service and support. Would highly recommend this repair company to anyone!

Dec 19, 2023
Mamita Sarkodie

The technician was very nice and did the job on time. My dryer is working as new now.

Jan 3, 2024
Petrina Bishop

Wow these guys are the best they came to fix my dryer and were very proffesional and very kind. The price was amazing too! Thanks guys so much! Definately will call you again if i have any appliance troubles!! 🙏 THANK YOU RAMIL!!!

May 9, 2024
Brandyn Martens

They were able to come by quickly and fix the issue with our fridge. Very polite.

Jan 30, 2024
Doug MacGregor

Did a fine job and quickly figured out and fixed what was wrong with my dishwasher. Cheers!

Mar 2, 2024
Stoyan Palahanov (Choicelle)

Great service. The booking process was easy and quick. I got a technician scheduled for the next day ( Sunday). The technician was very professional. He did great job but most importantly no mess has been left behind. Very reasonable price for the service. Highly recommend.

Dec 6, 2023

Dishwasher Problems We Solve in Burnaby

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Dishwasher Parts We Can Replace in Burnaby

We have spare parts for dishwashers of any make and model:

  • Motor
  • Timer
  • Kick Panel
  • Thermal Fuse
  • Spray Arms
  • Cycle Selector
  • Spring
  • Balance Link
  • Hose and Tube
  • Thermostat
  • Heating Element
  • Tub Gasket
  • Drain Pump
  • Door Gasket
  • Duct & Venting
  • Rinse Aid Dispenser
  • Rack Adjuster
  • Latch and Switch
  • Door Hinge
  • Outside Connections
  • Float Switch
  • Power Supply Board
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Our experts always have the most common replacement parts on hand to repair your dishwasher on site. All parts we use are genuine and provided by the original manufacturers.

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Dishwasher Brands We Fix in Burnaby

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