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Oven appliance repair in Ottawa where quality matters!

Whether you love modern conveniences or just appreciate them, appliances are essential for an enjoyable time in the kitchen. It can be frustrating when your kitchen appliances are not functioning properly or have broken parts.

Superior Appliance Service has been restoring the functionality of our customers’ kitchen appliances for over 40 years, being the top appliance repair service in the area. We are extremely proud of every job we’ve completed since 1980. We can provide any type of oven repair in Ottawa quickly and effectively.

Our technicians are insured and certified experts with years of knowledge in servicing appliances. We are grateful to each of our faithful customers for leaving their appreciative feedback. Expert oven repair in Ottawa is now at your side whenever you need it!
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Our Ottawa technicians can fix the most typical oven breakdowns

An oven that doesn’t heat up is virtually useless, like a car with square wheels. This is a common problem with convection and gas ovens. Every oven is different; there are a few common reasons why your oven stops working. It can be caused by:

The oven does not heat

A non-heating oven, like a car with square wheels, is practically worthless. This is one of the most common oven issues we find in both gas and electric ovens, as well as convection ones. While every oven is different, there are a few common reasons why your oven stops operating. The issue might be caused by:

  • Igniter defect. When the oven is turned on, be sure to test the igniter; If it does not ignite the gas after several minutes, replace it.
  • The wires of the heating element have burned out. Be sure to check the wiring to which the heating element is connected. You will have to contact a professional to repair damaged wires.

Oven temperature is incorrect

Some surprises are fun, but not when you bake a pie for 50 minutes, and it has almost no crust. A defective thermostat or control board can cause an oven to heat up faster than it is supposed to. However, often the oven is heating too slow. While this can be a little frustrating, the good news is that this problem can usually be repaired at a reasonable cost. Here are the most common causes:

  • Safety valve defect. More often than not, when the temperature of the gas oven is not normal, it is because it does not heat up in the first place. Replace the igniter if it is damaged or worn.
  • Failure of the temperature control thermostat. This thermostat monitors the internal state of your oven and turns on and off the heat at the appropriate time. Although thermostats can be difficult to check, they are easy to replace and inexpensive.

The oven isn’t turning on

The upside is that at least you won’t waste time and money cooking in an oven that’s on but never gets hotter than 200 degrees. The problem is rooted in several possible causes, all of which can be corrected by a novice.

  • Disconnected power cord. Check that your oven is properly connected to the socket. That is the simplest and cheapest solution! It’s also a good idea to check the incoming voltage from the power source in the wall using a multimeter.
  • The control board has worn out. While oven control boards are prone to fail for many reasons, they’re simple to replace and can be examined using a multimeter.

The appearance of ovens is so solid and sturdy at first glance. But it is evident that there are parts that may fail, and it happens at the worst times. If you are concerned about your abilities to repair the oven, or if the above solutions did not solve your problem, then leave your oven repair task to our specialists in Ottawa. We service and repair the majority of cooking appliances used in homes like ovens, ranges, cooktops and stoves.

Our specialists are knowledgeable about electric, gas, dual-fuel and induction appliances. No matter what kind of oven you own, our expert technicians are able to fix it. Select Superior Appliance Service for the most efficient oven troubleshooting service in Ottawa!

24/7 oven repairs in Ottawa you will definitely stay with!

Over the course of nearly four decades working in the field of appliance repair we’ve learned a couple of things about performing an excellent job. Our main goal is to offer our community an affordable, reliable, and timely service. Our technicians are trained to provide the highest quality oven repair services in Ottawa. We stay up to date with the most recent technology and are never bored of learning.

  • Complete repair warranty. We’re confident about the high quality of our work. All of our services are covered by a 90-day warranty.
  • Time is precious. We are aware that our clients are on the go, so that we can provide oven repairs on the same day in Ottawa. If we don’t have the part you require at the time of our initial visit, we’ll make its installation our top priority. Repairs will be completed within 24 hours so as not to disrupt your schedule.
  • We will respect your property. You won’t have to clean up after our technicians have completed their service. Our motto is to leave the workplace cleaner than we found it.
  • Reasonable costs. Our main goal is to combine the best quality and price. Our clients are fully informed about any charges or fees in advance.

We’re a dedicated team that is hardworking, and we truly enjoy the work we do! Superior Appliance Service will provide excellent customer service from the initial contact with one of our helpful customer service representatives up to the final goodbye with a professional technician.

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What People Are Saying About Our Ottawa Oven Repair

Alison Borsa

The technician was friendly, helpful and took the time to explain the problem to me.

Feb 2, 2024
David Nesbitt

Great service for a dishwasher breaking the day before Christmas. Quick response for scheduling diagnostic and follow up on ordering and installing broken part even over the holidays.

Jan 3, 2024
Sharon Barqueiro

Great professional job. Very satisfied with the work. Will use this service again.

Jan 30, 2024
Per Cyclo

Timely and honest repair advice even when the appliance was a goner and couldn’t be repaired.

Jan 20, 2024
Anita Turner

Very satisfied with technician. Fixed the problem I had with my dryer. Highly recommended

Dec 18, 2023
Sylvan Mcdonald

Very knowledgeable and friendly service

Feb 8, 2024
Kristine Thompson

Super fast and helpful service, knowledgeable and were able to make the repair same day. Highly recommended!

Jan 24, 2024
jackie vera

Came out the next day, was super fast and very nice. This is the second repair they have done for us (fridge last year and dryer this year).

Dec 21, 2023
Dave Moon

Sean texted his ETA to our home 30 minutes before he arrived, and he showed up right on time. It did not take him long to diagnose the problem with our freezer. When considering the age of the appliance and the potential cost of the repair, he recommended replacing the freezer as the cheaper option. I appreciated the honesty and would not hesitate in using Superior Appliance Service for future diagnostic and repair.

Dec 11, 2023

Common Oven Problems We Solve in Ottawa

  • Oven keeps beeping
  • Oven is not heating up
  • Oven is overheating
  • Oven smells like gas leak
  • Oven fan won’t turn off
  • Oven fan keeps running
  • Oven is making a creaking noise
  • Oven smells like chemicals
  • Oven is not getting hot enough
  • Oven touch screen is not working
  • Gas oven igniter keeps clicking
  • Oven is not reaching the temperature
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Oven Parts We Can Replace in Ottawa

We have spare parts for ovens of any make and model:
  • Igniter
  • Burner
  • Rack
  • Baffle
  • Fan Blade
  • Light Bulb
  • Vent Tube
  • Gasket
  • Broil Element
  • Door Switch
  • Grease Filter
  • Bake Element
  • Convection Fan
  • Control Knob
  • Spark Electrode
  • Terminal Block
  • Spark Module
  • Coil Surface Element
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Our experts always have the most common replacement parts on hand to repair your oven on site. All parts we use are genuine and provided by the original manufacturers.
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Oven Brands We Fix in Ottawa

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