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Can you imagine a day without a microwave, a dishwasher or a refrigerator? Household appliances make time-consuming work easier and let us enjoy quality time with our families more often. The refrigerator is the heart of every home. When all of a sudden it breaks down, all we can think of is how to get things right again in the shortest possible time. Having hectic schedules, people require prompt and professional help when a mishap occurs. If you’re looking for fridge repair in a crowded city like Ottawa, you’ve found it.

Superior Appliance Service has been diligently working for more than 40 years to make people feel comfortable at home. All this time performing maintenance, installation and repair, our technicians have become second to none.

We know that often when there is a threat of losing your refrigerator, a quick response to the problem can solve the problem itself. Therefore, our team reacts fast and provides you with refrigerator repair in Ottawa within a day. We service more than 30 brands, including the most popular ones (Samsung, Amana, GE Appliance, LG, Whirlpool and many others).

Accumulated experience and the best, most professional engineers allow us to solve the most challenging problems! Fast, reliable, qualified, attentive and reasonable – this is how thousands of satisfied customers describe our work.

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Bring your fridge back to life with our repair service in Ottawa!

As soon as any household device breaks down, we immediately realize how much it makes our lives easier. One of the clearest examples is the refrigerator. It stores food for at least a few days. A broken fridge is a real disaster for the whole family. Therefore, it is recommended to know the most common refrigerator failures and their causes so as not to violate the rules of operation. And be aware if you can handle the situation on your own or if you should ask for professional help.

Our specialists have prepared a list of possible malfunctions and options for their elimination:

  • No indoor lighting. This can hardly be called a problem. Many generally prefer not to do anything with it because the lack of light does not affect the functionality. Yet, the view is still noticeably obstructed, so it’s better to fix the problem in time. Possible causes are a breakdown of the light button, a burnt-out lamp, lack of electricity and the plug is poorly inserted into the socket. As a rule, the problem can be solved without professional help unless the reason is in the button.
  • Refrigerator does not turn on. It is worse if the light bulb is on, but the refrigerator is not working, i.e. does not freeze. The reasons here might be a faulty compressor, failure in the management module, or temperature controller malfunction. If you assume the temperature regulator is the reason, you need to find two wires that lead to it, remove them from the terminals and connect them to each other. The device will start working.
  • Refrigerator does not turn off. This is also a problem, as the refrigerator works continuously and wastes a lot of electricity. The reason may be trivial – the door is slightly open, or the external temperature is too high. The door must be closed, and the temperature regime must be reconfigured. The problem may also be caused by an activated emergency freeze mode or more specific problems that require diagnosis and replacement of the faulty element.
  • Strong noise. During work, the refrigerator starts to growl and buzz significantly more than is customary for regular operation. This might be caused by a defective fan or a damaged or worn engine. It may also be improperly placed, causing vibration when it comes into touch with walls or furniture. To eliminate the noise, try moving the refrigerator a bit.
  • Ice buildup. A thick layer of ice in the refrigerator and freezer can be caused by both banal and specific issues. If you constantly put hot products in the fridge, often open doors, and put liquid in open dishes, there will be a fairly high humidity level inside. Moisture freezes at low temperatures, settling on walls and shelves in the form of ice. However, if we deal with a worn seal or poor air circulation, it is better to leave the repair to professionals.

Finding a qualified and insured refrigerator fixer in Ottawa is easier than ever with Superior Appliance Service! We know what to do when it comes to refrigerator repairs.

Our team of licensed technicians has worked on refrigerators of a number of models for many years. We’ve worked with parts from both newer and older devices. Enormous experience is what makes our specialists the best fridge troubleshooting experts in Ottawa.

Careful 24/7 refrigerator appliance repair is now available in Ottawa!

Looking for a refrigerator repair service in Ottawa, you might consider different options. We know there are a lot of appliance repair companies on the market. Nevertheless, Superior Appliance Service has something to attract your attention:

  • Trustworthy. Our reputation is built on providing individualized customer care and high-quality appliance repair in a fast and effective manner. We use only original spare parts and components and provide our customers with a 90-day warranty.
  • Affordable. Our prices are reasonable. We come to your home to identify the problem firsthand. Then the technician can provide you with an informed assessment of the situation and options. There are no hidden prices or additional expenses in our estimates.
  • Fast. Our company provides same-day fridge repair in Ottawa. Most of the faults are identified and resolved in 1 visit. High-quality equipment, tools and accessories enable our specialists to eliminate the breakage quickly.
  • Professional. Neat, polite and responsible technicians are our face. The quality and our guarantee are not empty words, and our employees are time-tested experienced masters.

Are you stuck with a refrigerator in need of repair? Superior Appliance Service is already on its way!

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Ottawa Areas We Serve

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What People Are Saying About Our Ottawa Fridge Repairs

sanlal mohan

Excellent service. Technician was great , amazing and knowledgeable. Did an awesome job.

Dec 28, 2023
Jessica Purdy

Curious and persistent; resolved a very challenging repair for us!

Feb 6, 2024
Kristine Thompson

Super fast and helpful service, knowledgeable and were able to make the repair same day. Highly recommended!

Jan 24, 2024
Mariella Irivarren

Fast and efficient. They came the following day, they communicated clearly, they had to come back with the piece and they came back the following day. We were very satisfied with their service.

Dec 18, 2023
Genide Hernandez

The tech came the same day I called and the very next day he came with the broken part and fixed my drier.

Feb 3, 2024
Cassady Sabo

Made the repair quick & easy

Jan 22, 2024
dave wood

Great service explained my problem to me

Jan 22, 2024
Elizabeth Ludlow

Emin was great. Diagnosed the problem and fixed it quickly

Dec 11, 2023
Dave Moon

Sean texted his ETA to our home 30 minutes before he arrived, and he showed up right on time. It did not take him long to diagnose the problem with our freezer. When considering the age of the appliance and the potential cost of the repair, he recommended replacing the freezer as the cheaper option. I appreciated the honesty and would not hesitate in using Superior Appliance Service for future diagnostic and repair.

Dec 11, 2023

Fridge Problems We Solve in Ottawa

  • Fridge is not making ice
  • Fridge smells bad
  • Fridge is leaking water
  • Refrigerator is not cooling
  • Fridge is freezing food
  • Fridge compressor is hot
  • Fridge light is not working
  • Refrigerator is too cold
  • Refrigerator constantly runs
  • Refrigerator is not defrosting
  • Condensation on fridge door
  • Fridge temperature is too high
  • Refrigerator is making noise
  • Fridge is not dispensing water
  • Refrigerator has ice on back wall
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Refrigerator Parts We Can Replace in Ottawa

We have spare parts for refrigerators of any make and model:
  • Ice Maker
  • Air Filter
  • Condenser
  • Door Switch
  • Ptc Starter
  • Inlet Valve
  • Evaporator Coil
  • Defrost Heater
  • Bi-Meter
  • Start Relay
  • Thermostat
  • Copper Tube
  • Condenser Fan
  • Run Capacitor
  • Compressor Motor
  • Defrost Timer
  • Temperature Control
  • Fridge Door Gasket
  • Main Control Board
  • Evaporator Fan Motor
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Our experts always have the most common replacement parts on hand to repair your fridge on site. All parts we use are genuine and provided by the original manufacturers.
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Fridge Brands We Fix in Ottawa

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