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Appliance Repair Services We Provide in Saskatoon

Quick services of common appliance brands and all models. Home and Commercial service.

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Choose the best Saskatoon appliance repair services at a reasonable price

When the appliances in your home or business function properly, they make life so much simpler. When they fail, though, they may make your life a living hell — possibly even causing property damage. That’s why it’s critical to have a dependable resource you can rely on when things go wrong. At Superior Appliance Service, we’re devoted to repairing and servicing all makes and models of commercial and residential appliances with the highest levels of expertise and quality.

Don’t panic when your freezer is failing, your food is becoming mushy, your refrigerator isn’t keeping food cold, or another household or business device is malfunctioning. Simply contact our fast appliance repair service in Saskatoon, and one of our skilled experts will come to diagnose the problem. If we fix your appliance, we will not charge you any service fees.

Despite our total expertise of more than 40 years, we are aware that there is still plenty to learn. To keep current on the latest technologies, we attend professional conferences and do training on a monthly basis. We can identify any difficulties you’re having and get the correct parts to keep things working smoothly, whether you have an old appliance with legacy components that need to be replaced or a modern device that’s never been serviced.

You already know that well-maintained appliances may last a long time, but you’d be astonished at how long modern appliances can survive when properly serviced. Therefore we are proud to share our experience with our customers to provide them with trustworthy home appliance repair service in Saskatoon.

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How to fix your broken appliance in Saskatoon?

Household appliances that are in good functioning order are a must in any home. If one of the devices you use on a daily basis breaks down, you’ll be irritated because you won’t be able to do some of the duties that you need to complete. If you leave the machine broken, the responsibilities will rapidly mount up, and you will realize that you can no longer live like this and that you must address the issues to pros instead of googling “Saskatoon appliance fix.” Gladly, you have found the right place.

Repairing household equipment is a difficult chore, especially for novices. This indicates that hiring professionals may be your best bet for resolving the issue. But, before you do that, we recommend that you troubleshoot and attempt to repair some of the most popular appliances on your own, as the solution may be really easy. If the problem turns out to be a little more difficult, you should never attempt to repair those devices on your own. However, if the issues are minor, you can utilize some easy remedies:

  • Washer. Whether your washing machine is producing loud noises during the spin cycle, you should check to see if it is not standing on uneven ground. So, adjust the legs and, if required, use a screwdriver to get the appliance to stand securely on level ground. If your washing machine, on the other hand, begins to stink, the drum may just require cleaning. Adding two cups of vinegar and a pinch of baking soda to the drum and running the hot water cycle should suffice.
  • Refrigerator. If the coils in your refrigerator become clogged, it may stop working properly. This is especially true for those with shedding dogs, as hair can get tangled in the coils. The remedy, on the other hand, is pretty straightforward. Simply clean the coils, and your refrigerator will return to its most efficient state in no time.
  • Gas Stove. If food falls on the igniter, your gas stove will most likely cease operating. That implies the only thing you have to do to cure the problem is clean the igniter once more. For this job, you could choose to use a toothbrush because it will help you to reach every single area and clean everything properly. That will most likely be the solution to your problem, and your gas stove will be operational once more.

If you don’t feel comfortable fiddling with all these appliance issues on your own, or if the simple remedies didn’t work and you suspect the problem is more serious, there’s only one thing left to do. Basically, call our top appliance technician in Saskatoon and delegate the problem-solving to him.
home appliance repair saskatoon

Why do Saskatoon residents trust us?

If your appliance has broken and you can’t figure out what’s wrong or how to fix it, contact our best appliance repair service in Saskatoon for assistance. We will be able to tell you what the issue is and how much it will cost to fix it. If we are unable to diagnose the problem over the phone, our experts will come to your home to inspect the appliance for free.

A Superior Appliance Service technician will provide all the supplies you need for the repair, as well as an accurate estimate of the total cost of the repair (including materials and labour). If your appliance can’t be fixed, we may even provide you with a replacement appliance, install it for you, and remove and dispose of your old one. This all-in-one solution makes it simple to replace those appliances that can’t be preserved.

Here are just a few main reasons why people choose us:

  • We do repairs with your needs in mind. When you need us, our technicians are available. We provide a variety of appointment times and can even accommodate specific requests. Call ahead to set up a time that is convenient for you.
  • Fully qualified & trained. To stay up with new technology and repair procedures, our skilled appliance repair experts attend service courses and receive advanced appliance repair training from appliance manufacturers on a regular basis.
  • Repairs that are consistent, quick, and of high quality. We’ve done appliance repair since 1980, and that time has allowed us to become quite skilled at it. Superior Appliance Service is well-known as a quality appliance repair service for providing exceptional customer assistance in Saskatoon. We offer a 3-month guarantee on our work.

For all your repair needs, contact us! We specialize in repairing all brands, including Samsung, Maytag, Bosch, and Frigidaire. Whether it’s a refrigerator, washer, dryer, or any other appliance, our skilled technicians are here to help. Trust us to get your appliance up and running in no time!

Appliance Repair Pricing Guide in Saskatoon

Curious about appliance repair prices and wondering, “How much does appliance repair cost?” or “What is the average appliance repair cost?” The repair costs can vary greatly depending on the problem’s complexity, the appliance’s make, and the required parts.

Average Repair Cost by Appliance Type:

  • Refrigerator: $160 – $480
  • Dishwasher: $140 – $300
  • Washer: $200 – $450
  • Dryer: $180 – $350
  • Stove/Cooktop: $150 – $350
  • Gas Appliance: $180 – $340
  • Oven: $150 – $300
  • Freezer: $200 – $350

We suggest scheduling a diagnostic appointment with our expert technicians in Saskatoon for an accurate estimate tailored to your specific appliance repair. This allows us to assess the issue and provide a detailed cost estimate thoroughly.

Saskatoon Areas We Serve

  • fast appliance repair Saskatoon Adelaide Churchill
  • appliance repair team Saskatoon Arbor Creek
  • reliable appliance repair Saskatoon Avalon
  • Blairmore appliance repair Blairmore
  • Brevoort Park appliance repair Brevoort Park
  • Briarwood appliance repair Briarwood
  • Buena appliance repair Buena
  • Caswell Hill appliance repair Caswell Hill
  • Central Business District appliance repair Central Business District
  • City Park appliance repair City Park
  • College Park appliance repair College Park
  • Dundonald appliance repair Dundonald
  • East College Park appliance repair East College Park
  • Eastview appliance repair Eastview
  • Erindale appliance repair Erindale
  • Evergreen appliance repair Evergreen
  • Exhibition appliance repair Exhibition
  • Fairhaven appliance repair Fairhaven
  • Forest Grove appliance repair Forest Grove
  • Grosvenor Park appliance repair Grosvenor Park
  • Hampton Village appliance repair Hampton Village
  • Haultain appliance repair Haultain
  • Holliston appliance repair Holliston
  • Hudson Bay Park appliance repair Hudson Bay Park
  • Kelsey Woodlawn appliance repair Kelsey Woodlawn
  • Kensington appliance repair Kensington
  • Lakeridge appliance repair Lakeridge
  • Lakeview appliance repair Lakeview
  • Lawson Heights appliance repair Lawson Heights
  • Massey Park appliance repair Massey Park
  • Mayfair appliance repair Mayfair
  • Meadowgreen appliance repair Meadowgreen
  • Montgomery Place appliance repair Montgomery Place
  • Mount Royal appliance repair Mount Royal
  • North Park appliance repair North Park
  • Nutana Park appliance repair Nutana Park
  • Nutana Suburban Centre appliance repair Nutana Suburban Centre
  • Parkridge appliance repair Parkridge
  • Pleasant Hill appliance repair Pleasant Hill
  • Queen Elizabeth appliance repair Queen Elizabeth
  • Richmond Heights appliance repair Richmond Heights
  • Rosewood appliance repair Rosewood
  • Saskatoon appliance repair Saskatoon
  • Stonebridge appliance repair Stonebridge
  • Sutherland appliance repair Sutherland
  • University Heights appliance repair University Heights
  • Varsity View appliance repair Varsity View
  • Westview appliance repair Westview
  • Wildwood appliance repair Wildwood

What People Are Saying About Our Appliance Service in Saskatoon


Loved the technician who came in! Very prompt, kind, helpful & fixed our fridge. Would recommend to all who need a technician! ◡̈

Feb 13, 2024
Kelly Little

My gas range oven was not lighting. Tom came in and fixed it in 30 minutes. Was very professional, clean and fast. Thank you!

Feb 6, 2024
Michael Lei

Superior Appliance Service have been really good with fixing my Washer. They were able to come over to my place in a timely manner. The repair crew were able to fix my washer over a couple of days. They were great! I highly recommend them.

Mar 16, 2024
Kristine Thompson

Super fast and helpful service, knowledgeable and were able to make the repair same day. Highly recommended!

Jan 24, 2024

Dec 8, 2023

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