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What AEG Appliances Do We Fix

Quick services of common appliance brands and all models. Home and Commercial service.

Our AEG Appliance Repair Process

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Stop trying to fix your device on your own – contact our AEG technicians!

Forget about the endless searching for “aeg repair near me”; we are here to help and solve any issue. At Superior Appliance Service, we will provide you with dependable repair and installation services at competitive costs. We have many years of expertise and well-trained staff of experts. Our team of professionals may repair all of your household appliances, including washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers, electric cookers, ovens, and range hoods.

Our ability to provide fully qualified and insured engineers for any type or brand of appliance you own sets us apart from the competition. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to worry. We come out to you at no extra cost and at a time that is convenient for you.

Before you agree to fix your AEG appliance, we’ll provide you with a complete price quote. You can request that an old appliance be removed in addition to the disposal if it is necessary. Before moving forward and invoicing you, we’ll ask if any further work is necessary and make sure you’re happy with it. As a result, you are in total command. We may also assist you in determining if it is preferable to purchase a new appliance and have it installed because it will come with a manufacturer warranty.

Every day of the week you can contact us by phone or through our website.

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Take care of your AEG appliance with our repair services

The second-largest household appliance brand in the world includes AEG. The entire line of AEG appliances is known for its beautiful appearance and consistently reliable functions. The company has succeeded in merging form and purpose. Although you can count on your AEG appliances to be durable and functional for decades, problems can arise sooner or later. Call us so we can schedule an emergency appointment for “aeg dishwasher repair near me” if you have an AEG appliance that is operating less than perfectly efficiently or not working at all.

AEG Refrigerator Repair

If you want handy equipment for your home, AEG refrigerators are an excellent choice. They are presented in a variety of styles, and our skilled technicians are capable of repairing all of them. From now on you don’t need to worry about a broken fridge since our pros are able to identify and address any problem whatever serious it is. We can admit that the most frequent problem with these devices is a malfunctioning compressor and leaking, and we have all the replacement parts and knowledge necessary to fix it.

  • Refrigerator isn’t cold enough.
  • The freezer is covered in frost.
  • The refrigerator is leaking.
  • Refrigerator not dispensing water.
  • Refrigerator leaking water.
  • Ice machine is not working.

AEG Stove Repair

For years we have been fixing AEG malfunctioning stoves; thus, we can offer the greatest and most affordable services. Forget about reading the manual or searching for a solution. Our pros promise speedy and incredibly dependable same-day service. You risk not getting dependable help if you decide to complete a stove repair on your own. This is not a DIY sort of fix; it can only be completed by a professional. Call us if your stove continues to undercook your food or it won’t ignite. Among other issues we can handle:

  • It doesn’t ignite.
  • Your food is burned.
  • Interior light won’t turn on.
  • It makes odd noises.
  • It has a weird smell.

AEG Dryer Repair

When it happens when your dryer breaks down, dealing with the damp laundry may be really difficult. When it comes to your AEG dryer, we have the knowledge and abilities you need. Installation, maintenance, and repairs of units are our areas of expertise. Whether your dryer is experiencing a digital error or a circuit board issue, we can fix it. To ensure a rapid and reliable repair procedure, we have all authentic AEG dryer replacement parts in stock at all times. Among other issues we can handle:

  • It makes weird noises.
  • It won’t heat up.
  • It vibrates too much.
  • It switches on but not spinning.
  • It won’t turn on.
  • Dryer has interrupted cycles.

AEG Dishwasher Repair

Around your kitchen sink, on your table, counters, and even your window sills, plates are stacked high. Are you concerned that they’ll begin to occupy your living room and take over your whole kitchen? Your AEG dishwasher has obviously broken down. There are a few other, less visible indications that your dishwasher requires repair. We can assist you if your dishwasher is leaking, not draining correctly, or just isn’t washing dishes as effectively as it once did. Among other issues we can handle:

  • Your dishwasher will not drain.
  • It is leaking.
  • Your unit will not start.
  • Your washer making strange noises.
  • It does not clean dishes.
  • Dishes are not dry.

AEG Washer Repair

We are aware of the difficulties a broken washing machine might cause. Our factory-trained and certified experts provide quick, dependable servicing and repairs of the finest quality and come with a 3-month warranty. Our skilled professionals can handle even the most complicated circuit boards and discover any flaw that others might overlook. Any AEG appliance may be installed, maintained, and repaired by us thanks to direct authorization from AEG. Give us a call for the fastest, most reliable remedy. We can fix your washer if it:

  • Washer doesn’t not spin.
  • It is making loud noises.
  • There is water leaking.
  • It won’t drain.
  • Washer is stinking.
  • Detergent doesn’t dispense.

Same-day AEG Appliance Troubleshooting

Finding a dedicated AEG repair technician in Canada can be difficult. You may be lucky enough to get recommendations from relatives, but most of us spend hours browsing unreliable websites looking for a reliable company. That’s why we founded Superior Appliance Service, so you can easily schedule a time with reliable professionals nearby. We’ll quickly provide you with a free quote. Simply fill out our online form, and our qualified technicians will contact you.

We’ll schedule a time to do the work at your convenience. No expensive bids, no moving back and forth, and no hassle. We arrive on time to make you feel comfortable.

Asking would be appropriate. If you choose the wrong service, it can lead to schedule delays, numerous hidden fees, and, if you’re very unlucky, an undone job. After that, you will be left with nothing and nowhere to turn. Our technicians have extensive experience with AEG appliances. We can fix just about anything.

aeg appliances repair near me

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What People Are Saying About Our AEG Appliance Repairs

Kathryn Bragg

Superior Appliance Service is reliable. My range was recently repaired. Wow! The technician came on time. He’s accurate and gave a fair estimate. This is a team I’ll remain with and recommend.

Jimmy Smith

Satisfied overall. After a few days with a leaking washing machine, I booked a next-day appointment with them. A technician arrived the following day and did his best. He also performed some maintenance on my dryer and didn’t charge me for it, plus provided tips for maintaining them in excellent shape. I’d utilize them again since their charges appeared industry-standard.

Derrick French

Andrew from Superior Appliances came out within three hours of our call. The engineer was courteous and explained everything before starting. Bravo!

Jack Nunez

Fair prices, money-saving incentives, and qualified personnel are offered. To sum it up, I’m delighted with Superior Appliance Service and would suggest them. Well-informed and customer-focused. They care about everyone they’ve helped.

Calvin Summers

My front load washer gasket needed replacing, but Scott suggested a much better and less expensive solution. So pleased. My advice is only given by people who value their customers. Excellent appliance repair specialist.

Jimmy Rivera

If they can repair my damaged Bosch washer, they can do anything. My washer broke for more than a month, and other firms told me to purchase a new one. I had no doubt theycould fix any appliance until they did.

Maria Vargas

Excellent service! On time, the professional explained everything. He spent many hours replacing my faulty washer and dryer, yet the service charge was still extremely fair. Unexpected? I’d hire Superior Appliance Service again and confidently share positive feedback about them

Whitney Livingston

During the installation, the technician suggested that I put on shoe covers. He was extremely professional and knew what he was doing. He also advised me to throw out the first batch of ice produced by the refurbished ice maker (which I already knew, but the mention was so professional). The company communicates quickly and expertly. Everything was an A+. I’m a difficult customer, but working with Superior Appliances made it simple to keep my gas appliance in good working order.

Theresa Welch

A repairman told me my washing machine’s motor was dead and I shouldn’t try to fix it. Great advice was offered on buying a second. Because I’m so appreciative, I’ve suggested two friends. I’ll use them for another repair. They’re amazing!

Michelle Joyner

After repairing the washing machine, the technician further checked his work. Yes, he remained for the whole wash cycle. He was extremely professional and quick to my first inquiry, getting as much information as possible before coming to our home to fix our new fridge. The specialist came on schedule, disguised the issue and solved it promptly.

Donald Teresa

Best appliance repair. They mended my oven and helped me with other equipment. Affordable and competent staff. Outstanding service!

Matthew Reid

Called this company to do some work on my dishwasher in my house they came in a timely fashion. They tried there best to repair my dishwasher but they couldn’t so I had to end up buying a new one and they refunded me my money. Great customer service I would highly recommend this company.


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