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Canadian owned appliance repair service in Lancaster Park

Homeowners often assume that their appliances may be beyond repair. However, Superior Appliance Service experts with years of repair experience confirm that most appliances can be fixed. Rather than rushing to buy a new one, you can save money by having your appliance repaired in Lancaster Park. Even the most expensive appliances can develop mechanical issues, but our team’s reliable maintenance programs and sophisticated restoration procedures ensure you can forget about any potential issues for a long time. We offer comprehensive diagnostics before repair and can identify any other potential breakdowns ahead of time.

We believe that if there’s smoke, there is fire. In most cases, broken units require spare parts to be replaced. Our team ensures that every part we use is genuine and has been thoroughly tested before using. We are also certified to perform gas appliance repairs, giving us an edge over our competitors. Our 24-hour customer can answer all your questions and arrange high-quality appliance repair in Lancaster Park at a fair price. You can contact us at any time or make an appointment online.

Trust your appliance to our high-quality repair service in Lancaster Park

It’s common for people to delay repairing their appliances. However, this approach can be quite costly in the long run. Small problems can escalate into major issues, resulting in expensive repairs and longer downtime. To avoid irreversible consequences, it’s crucial to contact our experts as soon as you notice any signs of malfunction. You may have observed some issues that need attention, but ignoring them could lead to bigger problems.

  • Your refrigerator is sweating on the exterior;
  • You smell the gas odour in the kitchen;
  • Your dishwasher making grinding or roaring noises;
  • The washer’s drum not spinning properly;
  • The ice maker won’t make ice;
  • Broken control panel buttons;
  • There’s water near your dishwasher;

Professional assistance is necessary to troubleshoot various appliance issues in Lancaster Park. Our experts can identify and fix the component of your device that caused the problem. Here are a few examples.

Washer Repair Lancaster Park

My freezer is not cooling properly

If your freezer is not cooling your food, it could be due to incorrect settings or a malfunctioning thermostat. Our specialists can replace and repair the thermostat for you. In addition, a damaged sealant could result in cold air escaping from the freezer. If you suspect that the door is not closing properly, call the Superior Appliance Service team for a thorough inspection.

My dishwasher is leaking

A leaking dishwasher can flood your kitchen floor. This usually indicates that the dishwasher is not draining properly. Our licensed professionals can unclog drains, which is an easy and relatively affordable procedure. If the issue persists, our experts can repair the appliance itself. To avoid mistakes, it’s best to call an appliance repair professional in Lancaster Park immediately.

Why choosing our 24/7 appliance repair service in Lancaster Park is the best decision to make?

Homeowners usually have to choose between skilled but expensive repairs and unskilled but affordable repairs. We are confident that this is not a decision you should make, as Superior Appliance Service provides our customers with the highest quality and most affordable appliance repair in Lancaster Park. The experience of our technicians is confirmed by the fact that they have completed various internships and hold the highest certifications in the industry. There are many good reasons to contact our technicians if you are experiencing problems with your appliance.

fridge repair service near me

They respect your time

Time is crucial, especially in emergency situations like water leaks or gas smells. We understand the importance of quick action and are always prepared to assist in such cases. To ensure round-the-clock assistance, we have a dedicated telephone support team available 24/7. They can provide you with expert guidance on how to handle the situation until a specialist arrives. Additionally, they can furnish you with comprehensive details about our services for each specific scenario.

They can save you money

At Superior Appliance Service, we believe in complete transparency and honesty in our pricing policy. We guarantee that there will be no hidden fees, and you will be provided with upfront pricing before any restoration work begins. This means that you will know the exact cost of the work to be performed, and there will be no surprises on your bill once the restoration is complete.

They stand behind their work

In addition to our personalised approach to each client, we offer a 90-day warranty on every service we provide. We honour the manufacturer’s warranty on all the replacement parts we install. Therefore, you do not need to worry that new functional elements will wear out faster than the old ones.
Our trustworthy experts will provide you with the best appliance repair services in Lancaster Park!

Appliance Repair Pricing Guide in Lancaster Park

Curious about appliance repair prices and wondering, “How much does appliance repair cost?” or “What is the average appliance repair cost?” The repair costs can vary greatly depending on the problem’s complexity, the appliance’s make, and the required parts.

Average Repair Cost by Appliance Type:

  • Refrigerator: $160 – $480
  • Dishwasher: $140 – $300
  • Washer: $200 – $450
  • Dryer: $180 – $350
  • Stove/Cooktop: $150 – $350
  • Gas Appliance: $180 – $340
  • Oven: $150 – $300
  • Freezer: $200 – $350

We suggest scheduling a diagnostic appointment with our expert technicians in Lancaster Park for an accurate estimate tailored to your specific appliance repair. This allows us to assess the issue and provide a detailed cost estimate thoroughly.

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What People Are Saying About Our Appliance Service in Lancaster Park

Lynda Callioux

I was very impressed with this service. The man came a day early which was a surprise (imagine someone responding early)! I welcomed that as I was trying to do my laundry. He was very good at diagnosing the problem, speaking in language that I could understand not technical jargon and gave me options. He tried different remedies to try and fix the issue and even went online to find the part so that I would know the cost. Basically my washer is dying (which I suspected due to its age) but he didn’t try to sell me expensive repairs. He explained what I could try to extend its life and said that I could call if I wanted to go ahead with repairs. I followed his advice and it seems to be working really well for the time being. I really appreciated him and would certainly use him and the company again.

Dec 11, 2023
Katherine Michaloski

Appointment was easy to book and had great Continued updating on technicians arrival time on day of appointment. Technician arrived within the scheduled time and was pleasant and Thoroughly explained the steps he was taking and showed me how to operate some unknown by me (and the property owners) Functions of the unit. Payment was processed on site with receipt immediately received in my email. Without a doubt if I have further appliance problems, I will return and recommend you to others. Thank you for your Knowledgable staff. KWM

Feb 14, 2024
France Lopes

Sam the repair man was very knowledgeable plus we call for service in the morning and the repair service was dispatch and arrived same day within a 2 hour window

Apr 18, 2024
Scott Wozny

Great customer service and fast response time for the issues with my fridge. I would contact them again in the future.

Jan 5, 2024
Stephen Beland

Great tech, great availability

Jan 23, 2024

Emin arrived and promptly got to work. We received an update to let us know he was on his way which was helpful. He was friendly and efficient and told us what we could do to ensure the problem that we had did not happen again. Glad he was able to help us with our problem!

Nov 29, 2023
Janet Harrison

Next day appt & our repairman was excellent!

Nov 13, 2023
Aaron Afilalo

Very knowledgeable. Professional and describe issues and options very well.

Feb 16, 2024

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