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Tiffany Penacho

Very thankful and grateful for the service technician who came to my home and repaired my refrigerator. He was fast, friendly and professional. Love that I can pay via e-transfer as it is very convenient. Thank you for your help and great customer service.

Feb 8, 2024
Susan Millar

Repair was quick, and they even helped me figure out hot to keep using the dishwasher until the new part came in. Highly recommend.

Jan 16, 2024
David Mendenhall

Ozcan was great! Very knowledgeable! Gave us great service and advice. Thanks again!

Jan 23, 2024
Phil McBride

Jay is congenial as well as very knowledgeable. Took a while to get a part. But everything was resolved to our satisfaction.

Feb 5, 2024
Jordan Guidi

Overall it was a good experience and I would use superior appliance service again, the technician had to reschedule from Friday evening to Saturday morning which was not a problem. He was very professional and completed the diagnostic and replacement quickly, my only other feedback would be more information/detail on the bill for the work that was done. It only stated how much money the part was but only described it as a pulley, there was no other information with regard to how much the labor/other costs were. Still great service 👍

Dec 6, 2023
Marilyn Blakely

Service tech was great, very professional ! Downfall was it was Very expensive, close to $350 with taxes , technician on site 25-30 minutes max

Nov 22, 2023
Bill Fox

Service was excellent. Thompson was courteous and kept me up to date on all aspects of parts delivery and timing. I fully recommend him.

Dec 1, 2023
Brian Laramy

The technician showed up with the part that replacement.

Feb 8, 2024
Ferri Hassani

dishwasher which was not draining . Within 20 min he had the dishwasher working without requiring part Total cost was over $300 that includes the $120 visit fee Thank you Dr. be

Jan 8, 2024

How to take care of my fridge repair

If you ask people what their favorite and most valuable appliance at home is, at least half of them will answer “refrigerator”. And they have a point: yeah, humans bring home the bacon, but who keeps it fresh? Right, your lovely fridge. And of course, it’s pretty upsetting when it doesn’t work well, and there are some failures or even breakdowns in the system. But life gives us a solution to every problem we encounter, and in case yours is to find someone for a fridge repair, take it as a blessing — we’re just there for you.

So, what can we do for you? First of all, our team provides courteous, efficient, and competent services for refrigeration equipment repair. Most cases we have are about fixing appliances. And it’s not surprising: our company delivers services on the day you apply, so your cocktail ice cubes won’t even have a chance to defrost. But that’s not the only solution we offer. Superior Appliance Service also can:

  • Find a refrigerator for you. We work with different brands and manufacturers, and we also have a bunch of knowledge and experience working with different kitchen equipment. So, we do know which one is perfect for you.
  • Deliver and install your appliance. We are committed to on-time delivery. Our staff are friendly and polite. And before we go away, we’ll set everything up to confirm that your refrigerator is fully operational. Trust the deployment to our installation team and save time!
  • Maintain and check the equipment. Our refrigerator service is about care. If we give you an item, we are responsible for the way it performs in the future. That’s why you can always rely on us and our professional help with any possible errors.

What, why and how of refrigerators repair

There are different types of refrigeration equipment: free standing, built-in, freezers, wine coolers, ice makers and mini-fridges. Each of said has a different form, structure and purpose, so the way we repair them, and problems that might occur also differ.

Free standing fridges

A self-standing fridge that simply stands next to some cupboards or by a wall is called “free standing”. There are two main issues you may have with it:

  • The interior temperature is too high. First, check fridge temperature settings. Although the manufacturing default is 38° F, you or others may have mistakenly modified the set temperature. If the temp parameters are correct, we advise thoroughly inspecting the door seal. It shouldn’t be ripped otherwise that will cause leaking air.
  • The fridge has leaking water inside. Start with identifying the source of the water. The drain pan might be completely filled, or water produced while defrosting may run via a tube inside your device. The leak may also come from the fridge water line connections if a water dispenser is integrated.

Some of these problems can be solved with your appliance’s manual, but mostly it needs a professional examination.

Built-in refrigerator

Built-in fridge are those which are built into cabinets and have a luxury, top-class design. So, these are some common built-in refrigerator appliance problems:

  • Doors do not close properly.
  • The appliance does not finish its cycle.
  • An unusually loud noise.
  • The electrics are tripped by the appliance.

If any of them bothers you, it’s better to Google “fridge repair near me”, and leave it for a master. Because built-in refrigerators are closely connected to other appliances and furniture, thus relevant experience is required to fix them.


A broken freezer causes trouble, and to eliminate it, we’ve prepared the most frequent freezer issues.

  • It doesn’t run. If there is no problem with electricity, but your freezer doesn’t operate, there’s something wrong with one or more inside components. It might be caused by issues with the control board, compressor or any other component. Because of the wide range of possible reasons, it’s better to call professionals.
  • There is frost inside. Whenever you open and close your freezer’s door, warm, damp air gets trapped within, causing frost to form. Although some ice in the freezer is natural, too much of it might be an issue and cause harm to your equipment. A broken door or top seal is frequently the cause of a lot of frost inside the freezer.
  • Lots of noise. The freezer, same as your refrigerator, has its own set of cycles to ensure ideal operation. Mostly, freezers are quiet, and if yours makes a lot of noise while cycling, it’s most likely due to an issue with its internal parts.
  • Abnormally warm. A malfunctioning thermostat might be the cause of a warm freezer. You could also possibly have a problem with the temperature sensors or the sealed refrigerant system. In both cases, you should ask a refrigeration technician to help.

Wine coolers

For soft drink lovers or the owners of wine stores and restaurants, it’s crucial for the fridge appliances to function properly. And one of the most common problems you may face is that your wine cooler doesn’t actually cool. Unbelievable. So, here are often reasons, why your piece of equipment isn’t cooling enough:

  • The condenser fan isn’t functional.
  • Evaporator is damaged.
  • Thermostat isn’t working properly.
  • The temperature of the air is very high.
  • Poor ventilation.
  • A defective or disconnected fan.

Ice makers

So, the ice lovers have to know what failures might happen with their appliance, and here is the list:

  • When ice is not ejecting it’s more than likely an issue in mechanics or electricity.
  • If your ice maker isn’t forming any ice or making it smaller than normal, there’s probably a blockage somewhere along the supply line.
  • If the ice crescents or cubes are too large or there is no blockage and they are still too little, the ice maker most likely needs to be adjusted.


They’re obviously the favorites of those who go on a diet: less place, less food. Mini-fridges are incredibly compact, but despite their small size, the issues you face are not always small and easy to handle. Of course, it’s better to have someone, who knows what to do, or at least professional guidance on fridge appliance repair. But we’ll give you a little tip on how to make it perform better and prevent little failures, such as not cooling.

So, the fridge can’t cool down or cease being cold due to a clogged air vent or a broken door seal. Make sure your air vents are clean and clear of dust or pet hair. Check to see whether the rubber door seal is damaged or off-center. It’s unlikely that the rubber door seal has been compromised if you hear clicking noises.
fridge repair near me

So, should I Google “fridge repair near me”?

All of the above-mentioned issues are totally solvable. And yes, there are a lot of guides on how to fix different failures. However, even though we truly believe in you, most cases are better to be managed by professionals, and people, who have relevant experience in refrigerator appliance repair.

Our team not only provides you with fast and high-quality services, but we are also great supporters and consultors. If you’re not sure whether you need a refrigeration technician or can handle the situation yourself, you can always call Superior Appliance Service, and get help. Either in the form of guidance or in the form of a master running to your house.

What do I need to get a fridge fixer?

Nothing but your will. We’ve already mentioned that we come the day you contact us. We provide transparency in all processes, so you always know what you pay for and why. Moreover, if you need a new appliance, and assign us to get it for you, delivery, installation, maintenance and fridge repair price comes to naught for you. Tempting, isn’t it? Let us know if it is.
fridge repair service near me

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Common Refrigerator replacement parts

We have spare parts for refrigerator of any make and model:
  • Ice generator
  • Vimicach light
  • Sensor
  • Refrigerator freon
  • Fan motor
  • Shutter motor
  • Closer
  • Vaporizer
  • Valve
  • Compressor
  • Housing part
  • Light bulb
  • Control module
  • Box panel
  • Start relay
  • Thermostat knob
  • Timer
  • Filter dryer
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Our experts always have the most common replacement parts on hand to repair your washer on site. All parts we use are genuine and provided by the original manufacturers.
refrigerator repair troubleshooting

Refrigerator Problems We Solve

  • Fridge is leaking water
  • Fridge smells bad
  • Fridge is not making ice
  • Refrigerator is not cooling
  • Fridge is freezing food
  • Fridge compressor is hot
  • Fridge light is not working
  • Refrigerator is too cold
  • Refrigerator constantly runs
  • Refrigerator is not defrosting
  • Condensation on fridge door
  • Fridge temperature is too high
  • Refrigerator is making noise
  • Fridge is not dispensing water
  • Refrigerator has ice on back wall
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Why is there water pooling at the bottom of my refrigerator?

Water pooling in the refrigerator can result from a clogged defrost drain, a blocked freezer drain, or a malfunctioning water inlet valve. It’s essential to address the issue promptly to prevent further damage and mould growth.

What should I do if my refrigerator is making unusual noises?

Unusual noises in your refrigerator could be due to a variety of issues, such as a faulty compressor, a malfunctioning evaporator fan, or ice buildup. Contact a professional technician to diagnose and repair the problem.

What can I do if my refrigerator is leaking water inside?

A leaking refrigerator can be caused by a faulty water supply line, a clogged drain, or a malfunctioning water filter. Check these components and replace or repair them as needed to stop the leakage.

My refrigerator door isn’t sealing properly. What should I do?

If your refrigerator door isn’t sealing properly, check the gasket for wear or damage. If it’s damaged, replace it to maintain a tight seal and efficient cooling.

What are the signs that my refrigerator needs a professional repair?

Signs that your refrigerator needs professional repair include consistent temperature problems, loud or unusual noises, frequent ice buildup, water leaks, and a persistent failure to cool or freeze properly.

How long can I expect my refrigerator to last before needing a replacement?

The average lifespan of a refrigerator is around 13-15 years. However, the actual lifespan can vary depending on usage, maintenance, and the specific brand and model of your appliance.

Is it normal for my refrigerator to run constantly?

Refrigerators do cycle on and off, but if your refrigerator is running continuously, it may indicate a problem. Check for issues like dirty coils, a malfunctioning thermostat, or a damaged gasket.

My refrigerator is running noisier than usual. What could be the cause?

Increased noise in a refrigerator may be due to a variety of factors, such as a loose compressor, malfunctioning fan motors, or imbalanced contents. It’s best to have a technician assess the issue for a proper diagnosis.

How often should I replace the water filter in my refrigerator?

The frequency of replacing the water filter depends on the manufacturer’s recommendation and your water quality. As a general guideline, aim to replace it every six months to ensure the filtered water remains clean and fresh.

How can I troubleshoot a refrigerator that’s not cooling properly?

Check that the condenser coils are clean, that the temperature is set correctly and that the door seals are airtight. If the problem persists, contact a professional refrigerator repair service.

What should I do if my refrigerator is making unusual noises?

Unusual noises can be caused by a variety of issues, such as a faulty fan motor or ice buildup. It’s best to contact a refrigerator repair technician to diagnose and resolve the problem.

How often should I clean the coils on my refrigerator?

Cleaning the coils should be done every 6-12 months to maintain optimal cooling efficiency. Dust and dirt accumulation can reduce the refrigerator’s performance.

My refrigerator’s ice maker is not working. What could be the problem?

Issues with the water supply line, a malfunctioning water inlet valve, or a faulty ice maker assembly may be the cause. Consult a refrigerator repair technician to diagnose and fix the issue.

Is it normal for my refrigerator to cycle on and off frequently?

Frequent cycling can indicate various problems, such as a malfunctioning thermostat or inadequate ventilation. It’s recommended to have a professional inspect your refrigerator for the cause.

What is the average cost of a refrigerator repair service?

The cost of refrigerator repairs varies depending on the issue, the brand, and the location. On average, repairs can range from $100 to $400, but it’s best to get a quote from a repair service for an accurate estimate.

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