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Trust Professionals And Get The Best Fridge Repair Service In Regina

No matter how high quality the manufacturer, your refrigerator may still be subject to regular wear and tear; nevertheless, these appliances are undoubtedly some of the most reliable you’ll find in any Canadian kitchen. Even the most long-lasting household device will need to be replaced or restored. Superior Appliance Service offers all types of refrigerator repair in Regina. This means that the cost to repair can be ten times less than buying a new model.

We can handle any problem. There’s no difference between replacing the seals on the door or getting the ice maker working again. But if we notice during our inspection that the unit is severely worn, we’ll let you know before the repair is done. In this case, buying a brand-new appliance is the only solution. Appliance repairs are possible 9/10 of the time.

Since 1980, we have opened our doors to ensure that every resident has access to high-quality services at a reasonable price. Our technicians are continually trained and undergo lengthy apprenticeships. This allows them to expand their knowledge as well as learn how to communicate courteously with customers. So you can count on an individual approach to everyone who comes to us for refrigerator repair in Regina. We are ready to help you 24 hours a day, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or use the contact form on the website.

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What Refrigerator Breakdowns Do Our Regina Technicians Fix?

Good service will certainly extend the life of your appliances, as opposed to repairing them yourself and risk completely breaking the appliance. You run the risk of damaging the motor, flooding the apartment, or disabling the entire electronic system. Superior Appliance Service can help you with your refrigerator repair in Regina. Our customers come to us when they see that their refrigerator no longer works the way it used to. They have encountered similar problems:

  • The refrigerator produces excessive noises;
  • The refrigerator is freezing food;
  • The device is leaking;
  • There’s a buildup of the frost on the ice dispenser;
  • Lights and indicators are broken;
  • Food is going bad rapidly;
  • Refrigerator’s motor is hot;
  • Fridge starts and stops frequently.

Our appliance repair technicians perform thorough diagnostics to find the smallest signs of failure and help you get your refrigerator back in working order. In addition, we service all models of refrigerators. It’s no secret that each refrigerator model has different repair features, but the most common problems are universal. Here are a few examples of our repair work.

  • If your refrigerator is leaking: We think the root of the problem is a clogged refrigerator drain. Try to get rid of the clog with warm water. If that doesn’t help, it’s best to check the bottom of the refrigerator, the drain pan, where water usually accumulates. It can be cleaned with water and a damp cloth. If this does not help, the cause may be a leaky refrigerator door. Our technicians can repair the refrigerator you have in Regina.
  • If your refrigerator isn’t cooling enough: Check the thermostat settings. They can be affected by voltage fluctuations or system malfunctions. Also, make sure the refrigerator vents are not clogged. You may also need to flush the condenser coils. A professional or reliable expert should handle this. Last but not least, replacing the gaskets can be helpful in keeping cold air from escaping the refrigerator.

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Same-Day Refrigerator Appliance Repair In Regina

Our competitiveness is the result of tremendous efforts and hundreds of repaired devices. We have many positive reviews from customers that are always available on our website. Our same-day fridge repair service in Regina is honest and straightforward.

  • We care about your wallet. Don’t be surprised at the cost of repairs thanks to our “no hidden fees” approach. In addition, we honour the manufacturer’s warranty and offer our own warranty that lasts up to 90 days. The cost to repair is much less than buying a brand-new device. We can also offer other alternatives if you are unsatisfied with the initial price.
  • We care about the client’s time. To make the homeowner keep waiting for the appearance of a specialist for a few hours or days – is an unacceptable thing in the service sector. To avoid this, we will inform you in advance that our repairers are on their way. If you have an emergency situation like a device leaking, our call center operates in 24/7 mode. Don’t hesitate to contact us even at night, because your problems will automatically become ours. We will fix the problem quickly and give you valuable tips for the future.
  • We install high-quality parts. No need to worry unnecessarily about the risk of breakdowns. In addition to our warranty, we only use tested parts purchased from trusted suppliers, like Bosch, KitchenAid, Kenmore, Camco, LG, Maytag, Electrolux and more. All-brand fridge repair service in Regian – all these words refer to Superior Appliance Service company.

Regina Areas We Serve

  • refrigerator repair services regina Al Ritchie
  • fridge repair company regina Cathedral
  • refrigerator appliance repair regina Core Group
  • fix my fridge regina Downtown
  • regina refrigerator repair Eastview
  • regina fridge repair Gladmer Park
  • fridge repair services regina North Central
  • Transitional Area appliance repair Transitional Area
  • Greens on Gardiner appliance repair Greens on Gardiner
  • Arcola East - North appliance repair Arcola East – North
  • Arcola East - South appliance repair Arcola East – South
  • Boothill appliance repair Boothill
  • Glencairn appliance repair Glencairn
  • Glenelm appliance repair Glenelm
  • Argyle Park-Englewood appliance repair Argyle Park-Englewood
  • Coronation Park appliance repair Coronation Park
  • Northeast appliance repair Northeast
  • Uplands appliance repair Uplands
  • Albert Park appliance repair Albert Park
  • Hillsdale appliance repair Hillsdale
  • Lakeview appliance repair Lakeview
  • Whitmore Park appliance repair Whitmore Park
  • Dieppe appliance repair Dieppe
  • McNab appliance repair McNab
  • Normanview appliance repair Normanview
  • Prairie View appliance repair Prairie View
  • Regent Park appliance repair Regent Park
  • Rosemont/Mount Royal appliance repair Rosemont/Mount Royal
  • Sherwood/McCarthy appliance repair Sherwood/McCarthy
  • Twin Lakes appliance repair Twin Lakes
  • Walsh Acres / Lakeridge appliance repair Walsh Acres / Lakeridge

What People Are Saying About Our Regina Fridge Repairs

Timothy F

Through and professional. Problem fixed in a timely fashion. Cheers

Apr 26, 2024
David Nesbitt

Great service for a dishwasher breaking the day before Christmas. Quick response for scheduling diagnostic and follow up on ordering and installing broken part even over the holidays.

Jan 3, 2024
Lewi Pratama

Thank you Appliance Repair Expert. Their customer service is good and cater my needs also quick response !

Feb 3, 2024
Patricia Paddock

Excellent service. He was very polite and offered advice.

Jan 16, 2024
hussein kanaan

Service was excellent and fast. The problem with the washing machine was spotted right away and fixed within an hour for a decent price

Dec 29, 2023
Christopher McCann

Fast response and dishwasher is now working fine

Apr 19, 2024
Musa Habibulla

Emin fixed my dryer quickly and professionally. Thank you Emin!

Nov 20, 2023
Lisa Kilpatrick

Repair was fast and reasonably priced. Thank you..

Jan 25, 2024

Fridge Problems We Solve in Regina

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Refrigerator Parts We Can Replace in Regina

We have spare parts for refrigerators of any make and model:

  • Ice Maker
  • Air Filter
  • Condenser
  • Door Switch
  • Ptc Starter
  • Inlet Valve
  • Evaporator Coil
  • Defrost Heater
  • Bi-Meter
  • Start Relay
  • Thermostat
  • Copper Tube
  • Condenser Fan
  • Run Capacitor
  • Compressor Motor
  • Defrost Timer
  • Temperature Control
  • Fridge Door Gasket
  • Main Control Board
  • Evaporator Fan Motor
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Our experts always have the most common replacement parts on hand to repair your fridge on site. All parts we use are genuine and provided by the original manufacturers.

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Fridge Brands We Fix in Regina

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