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What People Are Saying About Our Samsung Dryer Repair

Cyrus Kakalia

Sean was great, quick and fixed the problem right away. I would highly recommend his services.

Feb 14, 2024
Kerry B Graham

Very impressed with the service from your company. I’m one who researches the heck out of things before I go ahead with many kinds of service or business. I saw that this company was rated very highly and had good reviews. We had a problem with our LG washing machine and I was surprised that they were able to schedule an appointment as early as later that day Davinder, the service tech, was very polite and thorough. He explained everything clearly and in layman’s terms. In the end, he was able to diagnose the issue and even recommended we just keep running our machine until it eventually goes kaput. Davinder even responded to a follow-up question the day afterwards quite promptly. The price of the check up and diagnosis was very reasonable, and that’s all we paid. Highly recommended!

Feb 15, 2024
Lorinda Ashley

Called for service in the evening and the repairman was there the next afternoon. Fixed the problem quickly and efficiently. Thank you!

Feb 10, 2024
Gillian Tosi


Feb 10, 2024
Christine Sbardella

Awesome work. Quick response. Knowledgeable technician.

Feb 6, 2024

Where do we provide Samsung Dryer repair services

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An experienced Samsung dryer repair technician is always in your area and ready to assist!


The dryer has been an essential element of any Canadian home for decades. This device improves the drying process by taking less time and producing better results. Therefore, if your «mechanical companion» starts malfunctioning, it certainly affects your life. No one wants to wait forever for clothes to dry themselves – that’s why Superior Appliance Service can send a technician to your door within an hour of your call, so there’s no need to wait for the “ideal times» to get high-quality Samsung dryer repair service. In addition, we can help you to get rid of any issues related to the most diverse household appliances – fridges, freezers, washers, dishwashers, stoves/cookies, ovens, and gas equipment. Don’t worry about the integrity of your device – we apply only proven work methods, use top-notch tools, and provide replacement with OEM spare parts, which are always in stock. 

Before performing the project, you always carry out a comprehensive diagnostic to identify other possible faults and choose the best solution. Any Samsung dryer repair will be done by our «near me specialist» right the first time. If something goes wrong within 90 days, our complete labour warranty will cover all possible breakdowns. Schedule an appointment online or call us via phone – we’re eagerly waiting to help you!

Samsung dryer repair

 How to fix a Samsung dryer correctly?

 Our team believes every device is serviceable and any malfunction can be eliminated. Only in case of excessive wear out due to the dryer’s age will you be recommended to purchase a new one, in search of which you will also get our assistance. Remember that the longer you delay your Samsung electric or gas dryer repair, the more such a project will cost. What are the breakdowns our specialists deal with regularly?


– The appliance stops mid-cycle;

– It refuses to start;

– There’s a burning smell comes out of the device;

– It has defective switches;

– The dryer won’t run;

– It produces weird noises, shakes, and vibrates; 


We strongly advise against trying dryer restorations on your own since doing so might result in the breakdown of functional components. Here are a few of the choices we can make for you:

 If it isn’t heating as it used to.

 One of the most common problems is temperature reduction. Our team believes that thermal fuse replacement is the common solution for this problem. If the fuse becomes too hot, the electrical connection is severed, and the fuse eventually blows. Also, the igniter, main control board, heating element assembly, and flame sensor can be causes for reduced heating. In any case, trust this malfunction to professionals, especially if you have gas devices – it can save your property and health.

 If it takes too long to dry clothes.

 Usually, we attribute this failure to a blocked vent, which significantly affects airflow. It is no secret that drying time is one of the advantages you pay attention to when buying. Hence, its increase is a problem you must address as soon as possible. Fortunately, maintaining the ventilation system is standard practice for us. In addition to clogged vents, potential causes may include faulty heating components, clogged lint filters, broken thermostats, or moisture sensors. Additionally, if the solenoid – element that controls the gas valve fails, you will need a Samsung gas dryer repair.

samsung dryer repair service

 Hire our Samsung dryer technician and get lots of advantages!

 Nowadays, the restoration company must have many advantages so that the client can count on the qualified assistance of its specialists at any time. Superior Appliance Service is not an exception to this rule because we always strive to provide you with the best service possible. When choosing us, you get the following:

 We are confident in the quality of our spare parts.

 We carefully select suppliers and pre-test all OEM replacement parts to ensure they work. As our company provides authorized Samsung dryer repair service, the component we change will serve you as long as the previous one. Moreover, our technicians are ODP certified, which guarantees the work’s success.

 We are prompt and punctual

 The ability to come to your doorstep even on the same day after you call is no longer a dream. With the flexible schedules of our team members and round-the-clock customer service, we can help you in any emergency situation that is especially necessary if you have smelled the gas near the device.

 We provide 100% transparency

 Our prices will not be an unpleasant surprise to you because they are not only adequate but also voiced upfront. The «no hidden fees» policy will allow you not to overpay for additional services, which «accidentally» appeared in the final bill. Stop googling «dryer repair technician near me» when our local experts are always in your neighbourhood and ready to assist you!

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  • DV42H5000EW/A3
  • DV45H7000EW/A3
  • DV45K6500EV/A3
  • DV56H9000EP/A3
  • DV22K6800HV/A3
  • DV42H5200EW/A3
  • DV45T6000EW/A3
Samsung Dryer models to repair

Samsung Dryer Error Codes

Common Samsung Dryer Issues

  • Not Heating Properly
  • Noisy Operation
  • Electronics Failure
  • Door Issues
  • Lint Build Up
  • Tripping Breaker
  • Steam System Issues
  • Moisture Sensor Failure
  • Drum Support Roller Issues
  • Drive Motor Problems
  • Idler Assembly Issues
  • Igniter Circuit Failures
  • Blower Wheel Lint Build Up
  • Gas Valve Coil Malfunctions
  • Vent Duct Obstructions
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Samsung Dryer Parts We Can Replace

We have spare parts for dryer of any make and model:
  • Heating Element
  • Thermal Fuse
  • Igniter
  • Drum Rollers
  • Glide/Support
  • Blower Wheel
  • Motor
  • Control Board
  • Thermistor or Sensor
  • Drive Belt
  • Pulley
  • Gas Valve Coils
  • Door Switch
  • Circuit Board Fuses
  • Bearing Kit
  • Door Latch
  • Light Bulb
  • Moisture Sensor
  • Heat Duct
  • Door Gasket
  • Lint Filter Housing
  • Thermostat
  • Solenoid Latch Assembly
  • Steam Nozzle Head
  • Motor Control Board
  • Pressure Switch
  • Troubleshooting LED Panel
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Our experts always have the most common replacement parts on hand to repair your dryer on site. All parts we use are genuine and provided by the original manufacturers.
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