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Miles Mitchell

great service!

Feb 6, 2024
Gambo Saidu

You can trust this company. I recently had a problem with my commercial dishwasher and was really stressed about the repair. After a quick inspection, they found the problem and fixed it in one visit. They know their business and work fast to save you time. Thank you so much!

Feb 14, 2024
Candice Hibbard

The service we received was quick, and well done. I would use this company again.

Jan 10, 2024
Bryan Bennett

Excellent report with customer. Very professional.

Dec 5, 2023
Russell Bell

Very happy with the timing and quality of the service.

Feb 5, 2024
Adebowale kazeem Adesola

Well detailed service

Jan 19, 2024
Amit Desai

Very reliable service. They were on time and completed the job in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend them.

Jan 16, 2024
Bethany Faith

Very professional gentleman arrived on time, quick diagnosis, and quick fix. Dishwasher is draining perfectly again. Thanks for the speedy and friendly service.

Feb 10, 2024
Blair Schriver

Very prompt and efficient. Thank you very much

Dec 15, 2023
Elizabeth Ludlow

Emin was great. Diagnosed the problem and fixed it quickly

Dec 11, 2023

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Need Swift and Reliable KitchenAid Washing Machine Repair? See What We Offer!

According to statistics, a traditional washing machine lasts about 10 years. However, KitchenAid washing machine repair near me is a common search query. And there is nothing surprising in this. Every home appliance can fail sooner or later for a variety of reasons.

Superior Appliance Service has the experts to quickly diagnose and repair any washing machine that has suddenly broken down. Our company has been servicing all brands of household appliances for more than 40 years. We employ only qualified staff and follow effective repair procedures. Our team is equipped with the most modern tools and equipment to restore the equipment to its original condition.

Finally, NATE certification means that our company is well aware of the latest technology and can provide quality repairs.

More than 400 testimonials from satisfied customers who have used our services confirm our competence. These reviews can be found on Google Maps and HomeStars.

Top Reasons for Fixing KitchenAid Washing Machine

Learn the most frequent breakdowns and how to repair your KitchenAid. washing machine.

Walking washing machine

While vibration is normal during a wash cycle, the washer should not move out of its place. Use a spirit measure to make sure that the device is level. If the reason isn’t levelling, suspension rods may be damaged.

Unfortunately, most homeowners cannot replace them on their own. But don’t worry – our experts can change them for you quickly and efficiently, using parts from their manufacturer!

The washing machine doesn’t spin

Overloading can cause the washing machine to stop spinning. To solve this problem, you can reduce the volume of laundry in the washing machine drum.

If everything is in order with the above, the problem may be more serious – a faulty motor or control board. These issues can be detected with a multimeter. If you are not familiar with this device, we recommend calling the experts for a quick repair of the KitchenAid washing machine.

No water filling

Before you start to figure out why the washing machine cannot fill the water, check the following things.

A common problem can be kinked hoses, so you should check them first. In addition, there may be blockages in the hoses that prevent water flow, which can be easily checked by turning off the washer and disconnecting the hoses. It also sometimes happens that water flows through the hose, but the washing machine does not fill with water. Here the problem may lie in the connection of the water valve.

As you can see, this is something that requires some diagnostic work. The Superior Appliance Service team conducts fast, high-quality diagnostics that allow you to identify the fault easily.

Why Our KitchenAid Washing Machine Technician Is Your Best Choice

While our greatest advantage is reliability in repair, there are many others. You should, therefore, look at the benefits that we provide before you continue to seek out other “KitchenAid washing machine technician near me” search results.

  • Comprehensive diagnostics

Before starting the repair, we will inspect your washing machine to identify the cause and give valuable advice on proper maintenance.

  • Customer-friendly staff

We strive to satisfy our customers. Superior Appliance Service is committed to providing unique service and a caring attitude to each and every customer who applies. Our technicians always arrive on time, take the necessary time to complete the job, and leave your place only after the repair is satisfactory.

  • 3-month quality warranty

Our company is so confident in the efficiency of its equipment and the professionalism of specialists that each client is provided with a 90-day warranty. We will return to you free of charge if your washing machine or other devices fail again within three months!

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  • KUDI01FL
  • KUWT506ESS
  • KAWE450VWH0
KitchenAid washer models to repair


  • Washer is not draining
  • Washer is not spinning
  • Washer door doesn’t open
  • Washer keeps filling with water
  • Washing machine is leaking
  • Washing machine won’t start
  • Washer is making grinding noise
  • Washer vibrates on spin cycle
  • Washer is not cleaning clothes
  • Washing machine stops mid cycle
  • Washer is not filling up with water
  • Washer dispenser is not using soap
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Common washing mashine replacement parts

We stock parts for top-load and front-load and enclude:
  • Pump
  • Knobs
  • Gaskets
  • Buttons
  • Drum
  • Motor
  • Control Panel
  • Water Filter
  • Agitator
  • Thermal Fuse
  • Spin Pulley
  • Drain Hose
  • Spin Assembly
  • Circuit Board
  • Door Seals
  • Heating Element
  • Door Lock
  • Suspension
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Our experts always have the most common replacement parts on hand to repair your washer on site. All parts we use are genuine and provided by the original manufacturers.
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