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Dryer Repair

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Dryer Repair

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What People Are Saying About Our Dryer Installers

Salman Ali

The online appointment setup was very easy. I got the appointment date on an urgent basis. The technician was knowledgeable and did a great job on my dishwasher. No problems after the service. Will recommend anyone having issues with their appliances.

Nov 22, 2023
Katherine Michaloski

Appointment was easy to book and had great Continued updating on technicians arrival time on day of appointment. Technician arrived within the scheduled time and was pleasant and Thoroughly explained the steps he was taking and showed me how to operate some unknown by me (and the property owners) Functions of the unit. Payment was processed on site with receipt immediately received in my email. Without a doubt if I have further appliance problems, I will return and recommend you to others. Thank you for your Knowledgable staff. KWM

Feb 14, 2024
Rebecca Porter

Fast, excellent, tidy, service.

Feb 3, 2024
Ted Hadley

Fast friendly service, highly recommend.

Jan 29, 2024

My fridge was not working on Holiday time and we needed to be fixed at that time. When I contact Superior Applienes the technician went to our house the day we contact the company and fix our problem ( the temperature control board) right away.

Jan 2, 2024
Stephen Beland

Great tech, great availability

Jan 23, 2024

Excellent service from Superior Appliance Service of Halifax. Needed my washer & dryer looked at. Sent a message to have a call back. Within 20 minutes I received a call and appointment booked for same day. Roderick called prior to arrival to advise he was on his way. Explain everything, fixed and replaced with parts need. I Highly recommend! Thank you for great service!!

Jan 18, 2024
Dave Moon

Sean texted his ETA to our home 30 minutes before he arrived, and he showed up right on time. It did not take him long to diagnose the problem with our freezer. When considering the age of the appliance and the potential cost of the repair, he recommended replacing the freezer as the cheaper option. I appreciated the honesty and would not hesitate in using Superior Appliance Service for future diagnostic and repair.

Dec 11, 2023
Michael O’Gorman

Rich was awesome, thank you!

Feb 14, 2024

Kanan from Appliance Repair Expert was great! My dryer was not heating so I gave them a call. He showed up on time, found the problem right away, ordered the part and came back the next day to install it. Dryer was working in less than 48 hrs after giving them a call. Highly recommend!

Jan 27, 2024

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Do you need a professional to install a dryer?

You definitely need a skilled technician to install this type of unit in your house. Even if your dwelling isn’t newly-built and you already had a dryer inside your washroom, and all the utility communications are in place – there’s no guarantee that the new unit will fit perfectly and existing drain and airflow facilities won’t get the new device into trouble. Only the person who knows how to install a dryer can pre-estimate the location and clarify whether your laundry room is ready to accept the newly bought device. This includes calculating the ventilation capacity as well as checking the floor surface.

What is needed for dryer installation?

To install a dryer, you’ll need help from a licenced and trained technician. This sort of equipment is not so straightforward to install, and at the same time, it is very sensitive to different inconsistencies with communications in your house. For example, the venting capacity of your laundry room has to be checked first. Vents with inappropriate airflow capacity may be the first thing that will disable your new device. Drains also have to be adjusted and thoroughly checked for possible obstructions and clogs. You also have to be sure that your flooring is suitable for dryer installation – only solid surfaces are accepted. Soft flooring coverings will either be shattered by vibrations or let your new dryer “walk” across the room itself during the cycle.

How hard is it to install washer dryer hookups?

To put it simply, a gas dryer utilizes electricity to start a gas burner, whereas an electric dryer relies on energy to power an element that warms the air. A 240-volt electrical outlet is required for both types of dryers to function.

Is there a 240-volt plug-in in your house? To use plugs with three or four prongs, you’ll need a 240-volt outlet. It won’t resemble the usual two-prong outlet for small appliances and electrical gadgets.

Homes built after the year 2000, on the other hand, only have a four-prong dryer plug. For homes constructed before 2000 that have not been renovated, you have two options: either ask the dryer installation service to convert your current three-prong power outlet into a four-prong power outlet or have your dryer’s four-prong cable changed with a three-prong cord.

Is it better to replace or repair a dryer?

To figure out whether you need to replace the dryer or give your malfunctioning device a second chance, you’ll need to have an estimation of the repair cost first. Outdated dryers may necessitate rare and expensive spare parts that will bring your reanimation attempts to naught. Compared to the new dryer purchase cost, these manipulations may be irrational. A rule of thumb in this dilemma is if the repair cost is more than half of the cost of buying a brand-new unit that suits your needs and guarantees you several years of ceaseless operation, replacement is a better choice.

How often does a dryer need to be replaced?

Replacing your dryer is definitely not the type of chore you want to address more frequently than it is required. But how to determine exactly when the time has come for your dryer to give up a seat to its more updated and fresh relative? Regular dryer models from major brands have a lifespan of about five years. Premium-segment models may last longer (7-10 years) with the condition you use them in a proper way without violating the user’s manual. If your dryer acts up once a month or more – it’s time to call the dryer removal service and pick up a new device. But don’t forget to check if your communications are not the culprit prior to that.

How much does it cost to replace a dryer heater?

Dryer replacement cost will depend greatly on several circumstances. It will be easier (we mean “cheaper” here) to replace your dryer if you’ve already had one in your house. That probably means you have all the required communications in your laundry room or washroom. The dryer has to have a proper ventilation system to perform well – so check out if there are any troubles with your vents. Has the vent cleaning taken place more than a year ago? That will add up to the cost of installation as it has to be done imperatively. Installing a gas dryer? Gas connections and supply pipes also have to be checked then. All of these preventive actions influence the price of dryer replacement and have to be discussed separately.
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