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Susan Armstrong

Yusef came same day and did a thorough job of checking my dryer. Thank you Yusef!

Feb 9, 2024
Doug McLellan

Knowledgeable and friendly service.

Dec 28, 2023
Adam Pagtakhan

Excellent service. Our technician showed up early and was able to repair our oven within an hour, probably close to 30 minutes. Very impressed overall 👍

Dec 28, 2023
Barb Morrow-deal

They showed up in a timely manner and Alex was very professional

May 16, 2024
Petrina Bishop

Wow these guys are the best they came to fix my dryer and were very proffesional and very kind. The price was amazing too! Thanks guys so much! Definately will call you again if i have any appliance troubles!! 🙏 THANK YOU RAMIL!!!

May 9, 2024
Julia Lindal

Rahman was wonderful! Quick diagnosis and repair! Wonderful experience. I’ll call again in the future

Jan 5, 2024
Michael Bruno

Fast efficient service straight to the point ….and next day service was perfect

Feb 10, 2024
Roderic Mclauchlan

Superior appliance’s team were very responsive and timely. Many thanks.

Feb 7, 2024

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How do I install a gas stove in my kitchen?

When you are about to install or replace, the location of the gas stove should be taken into account. Gas stoves heat up when in use, so it’s best not to place one close to wood furniture. In order to avoid mishaps, the stove should be encircled by a heat-resistant wall. Ceramic tiles are usually used to cover the wall against which the gas stove is installed. It’s also a good idea to look over the manufacturer’s recommendations for where to put the stove in the kitchen. There you will find important information about the sorts of pipelines the stove may be connected to, and the types of gas fitters that can be used will be included in the instruction manual. However, gas appliance installation is a complex task requiring special tools and experience, and it is not recommended to perform it yourself because if done incorrectly, it can endanger your life.

How do you hook up a gas oven?

Installing a gas oven is a straightforward task that requires only a few basic tools and widely available materials. The best way to hook the gas oven is to google “gas appliance installation near me” and choose professionals that will do everything due to law and regulations. But if you decide to do it by yourself, you should first buy a connector marked for the appliance you’re hooking up. It should be long so you’ll have enough space to work between the gas stove and the wall. Avoid kinking or forcing the corrugated connector into abrupt bends, as this could cause it to break. Don’t forget to check it for leaks. Although it is not always necessary to have an oven hookup tested, we strongly advise you to get your work checked by a local gas company or plumbing specialist.

How do I connect a stove to a gas line?

A natural gas appliance installation is probably not a project you should attempt as your first. We don’t recommend doing that on your own! Only qualified experts are permitted to work on gas appliances. There are numerous legal criteria and regulations that must be followed when working with gas. Gas leaks are extremely dangerous, which is why you should always have any gas-related work done by someone who understands what they’re doing. These experts must be licenced gas-safe engineers, and they must inspect the gas stove before turning it on. You will not be able to use the gas stove until it has been checked by a competent engineer, as this is against the law.

How much does it cost to replace a gas burner?

It’s frustrating when the gas burners on your stove don’t light every time. A clogged gas burner orifice is the most typical reason for a gas burner clicking but not lighting. Also, if there is no spark, a malfunctioning ignitor most likely causes your problem. In most cases, we recommend making sure that the burner is not clogged. Although replacing the gas burner is inexpensive, the cost can vary depending on the model of your appliance. But sometimes, such measures may not be enough, so you should think about a gas appliance replacement. It’s crucial to remember that you should never try to fix your gas appliances yourself. This is not only extremely risky but also fraught with serious damage to the equipment as well as voiding the warranty.

Can you replace a gas cooktop yourself?

How much does it cost to replace a gas appliance? It will depend on the complexity of the work and the tools required. But if you are tempted to replace a gas cooktop on your own, as we mentioned above, it is better to turn to licenced companies. But here are the steps you need to take to replace the device. After removing the cooktop, turn off the gas. For fitting screws, wrap Teflon pipe-joint tape twice around the threads in the same direction. Remember to utilize both the removable end fittings. Use yellow Teflon tape to secure the fittings’ ends. The nuts on the two ends and connector fittings must be tightened. Make sure your tube is parallel to the standard fittings. For roughly a minute or two, open the gas cock and light the stove. If you ever feel unsure about your DIY work, hire a professional right away.

When should a gas stove be replaced?

Stoves usually last 15 years, although if you have a gas stove, they may last longer. When your stove needs to be replaced, it will cease heating evenly, and you will have trouble cooking your food. When it comes to your stove, you shouldn’t take any chances because it might be deadly. If you smell gas before you even turn on the stove, you should absolutely purchase a new stove and not turn it on at all. Gas leaks are extremely hazardous to your health. If the control panel on your stove stops working, you may need to replace it. Naturally, the most important thing to check is whether your gas stove turns on at all. If your stove won’t switch on, it’s likely that you’ll need to replace it. Call your local gas appliance installer to do all the work professionally and effectively.
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