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Kenmore Washing Machine Error Codes

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Kenmore Washing Machine error codes

Kenmore Washing Machine Error Codes

Code Error Solution
kenmore washing machine OE error code


Drain error

  1. Remove the front bottom panel.
  2. Manually turn the pump filter cover in the opposite direction to remove it. Place a pan or bucket under it as water will leak out.
  3. Remove the filter with a pair of long pliers. Remove any debris from it and reinstall it after cleaning.
  4. Put back the bottom panel and filter cover.

kenmore washing machine LF error code


The washing machine takes too long to fill up

Check the intake hoses for damage, such as kinks. If the hoses are kinked, straighten them. Any damaged hoses must be replaced. Check the water intake screens to make sure they are clean as well. Press STOP to clear the display after checking the inlet hoses and screens.

kenmore washing machine F21 error code

Ld, F02, or F21

Your washer is taking too long to drain

Make sure that the drain pipe is installed correctly by checking it. Then determine if it is kinked or blocked. To ensure that the washing machine drains properly, straighten the hose or remove the obstruction.

kenmore washing machine uL error code


There is an imbalance in the load

Open the lid of the washing machine after it has stopped to redistribute the laundry inside. The laundry should be evenly distributed throughout the drum. Washing less laundry will help you avoid unbalanced loads. Do not wash very heavy items.

kenmore washing machine oL error code


There is an excessive amount of laundry

Open the washing machine. To reduce the amount of laundry in the washing machine, remove several loads and then activate the wash cycle again after adding detergent.

kenmore washing machine Sd error code


Too much foam

At the end of the cycle, a foam reduction cycle will be started to rinse the foam from the clothes. Start a second wash cycle without detergent if you see the Sd error flashing and the machine has already stopped rinsing excess foam from the clothes. To avoid this error, use only HE detergent. Use the correct amount of detergent; excessive use may result in excessive foaming.

kenmore washing machine lid error code


The lid is open: When you press the START button, the lid is open

This error may also appear if you have started more than two wash cycles without lifting the lid. Close the lid. If the lid is closed, open and close it. The lid lock/switch sensor may need to be replaced if it does not detect the lid opening and closing.

kenmore washing machine dL error code


The door of the washing machine does not close

Make sure that nothing is obstructing the door. The lock sensors can be cleaned by dipping a cotton swab in medical alcohol. Sometimes the sensors become covered with dust and stop detecting when the door is closed. To remove the code from the display, press STOP afterward.

kenmore washing machine F29 error code

dU or F29

The door lid is unable to unlock

Make sure that nothing, such as a basket, is resting on the washing machine lid. The door lid won’t open if there is too much weight. Try unplugging your washing machine for a short while to reset the central control unit if this doesn’t work. There might be a need to replace the door latch mechanism. Request Service

kenmore washing machine F27 error code

FL or F27

Your washing machine has a lot of water in it

Make sure the drain pump is clean and functioning properly by checking to see if it is clogged. Any obstructions should be removed. If the drain pump is not functioning, it may need to be replaced. Another possibility is that the water intake valve has failed, in which case the problem valve may need to be replaced. Request Service

kenmore washing machine Er error code


Processor reset error

Clear the display by pressing the STOP/CANCEL button. Request Service

kenmore washing machine CE error code


Communication problem between the engine controller and the machine controller

Use the STOP/CANCEL button to clear the screen. If the problem reappears, check that the connection is good. Otherwise, the motor controller may need to be replaced. Request Service

kenmore washing machine Cl error code

CA or Cl

There could be too much laundry in the washer

To reduce the load size, take some items out of the washer. Clear the display by pressing the STOP/CANCEL button.

kenmore washing machine Or error code


Operation error

Call a technician to fix the problem. Request Service

kenmore washing machine Sr error code


Stuck relay

Your device needs to be fixed by a specialist. Request Service

kenmore washing machine LS error code

LS or F26

Lid Switch Error

Close the lid if it’s open, then push the START button. If your lid is closed, open and close it. Alternatively, if the cover switch sensors need cleaning due to contamination, dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol.

kenmore washing machine SU error code


There are too many suds present

Clear the display by pressing the STOP/CANCEL button. To completely drain the water from the machine, switch it to the drain/spin cycle. To rinse the washing machine from excess foam, start a new wash cycle with cold water. Do not add detergent to this cycle.

kenmore washing machine dt error code


Diagnostic tests

Clear the display by pressing the STOP/CANCEL button. You might need to call a technician if it reappears.

kenmore washing machine ob error code


Your washing machine is out of balance

If necessary, redistribute the load to achieve proper balance. After closing the lid and pressing the START button, the cycle will restart.

kenmore washing machine rL error code


Load Inside Drum: Despite starting the washer’s clean cycle, there are laundry items inside the drum.

Press the START button after removing the laundry.

kenmore washing machine F22 error code

DE or F22

Door lock error

To find out if there is a problem, check the door latch, door switch assembly and door lock sensor. If so, replace this component. Request Service

kenmore washing machine LE error code


Washer locked up

Check whether you have loaded the washing machine with an excessive amount of laundry before locking. If so, remove some of the drum contents. Then check the machine to see if too much foam has formed. Wait for the foam to disappear for 30 minutes. After that, start the drain/spin cycle to drain the water. To remove the excess foam, run a wash cycle in cold water without using detergent. In future, be sure to use only the recommended dosage of HE detergent. Otherwise, the motor may be damaged, the wiring may be loose or there may be a blockage in the drive system. Call a specialist to diagnose the washing machine. Request Service

kenmore washing machine drn error code


Drain error

Check the drain pipe for obstructions or kinks to resolve the drain issue. If you encounter a kink or blockage, remove it. Additionally, ensure the drain pump is operating properly. It might be broken or clogged. If it’s clogged, clean it. If not, you might have to replace the drain pump. Request Service

kenmore washing machine FH error code


The washer hasn’t been filled with water

Check if the water intake valves are open. Make sure that the water intake grates are not blocked. If there is a blockage, remove it. Also, check for kinks or damage to the inlet hoses. Replace damaged hoses and straighten kinked inlet hoses. If these methods do not help, you may have to call a specialist to troubleshoot the washing machine. Request Service

kenmore washing machine F01 error code


Potential CCU Board error

The error may have occurred due to a power supply problem. To check if the central control unit is working, disconnect the washing machine from the mains for two minutes, then activate the diagnostic mode or start a wash cycle. If this does not resolve the problem, contact a specialist as the CPU board may be broken. Request Service

kenmore washing machine F25 error code

F06 or F25

Drive Motor Tachometer Problem

Sometimes, the error is caused by overloading the washing machine. Try washing less laundry. Check the operating instructions and call a technician if the fault reappears. Request Service

kenmore washing machine F11 error code


Motor Control Unit Error

Remove the washer’s plug. Examine the connections in the wire harness between the motor control unit and the drive motor. Additionally, make sure the central and motor control units are connected. Check the motor after that, then perform a continuity test. Replace the motor control unit if necessary. Request Service

kenmore washing machine F20 error code


There was no sign of water getting into the washer

Check that the water intake valves are functioning properly first. Then, look for kinks or other damage in the intake hoses. The hose must be replaced if there is damage. Request Service

kenmore washing machine F23 error code


Failure of the heater: After 40 minutes, the water temperature in the washing machine is below 86 degrees Fahrenheit, or 30 degrees Celsius.

Disconnect the washing machine from the mains. Check that the water heater is connected correctly. Then check the resistance of the heating element. Finally, make sure that the water sensor is connected and working properly. Request Service

kenmore washing machine F24 error code


Error with the water temperature sensor

You should unplug your washing machine to check if the sensor is plugged in and functioning. Then use a multimeter to check the resistance of the heating element.

kenmore washing machine F28 error code


Serial Communication Error

Check the wire harness connections between the CCU and MCU by unplugging the washing machine. Also, look for components that are worn out or broken. After that, connect your washer to the outlet. You might need to call a technician to perform additional diagnostics and troubleshooting. Request Service

kenmore washing machine F30 error code


Dispenser Motor Error

Check that the dispenser’s wire connections are secure by unplugging your unit. Additionally, examine the mechanical connection between the dispenser and the dispenser’s motor.

kenmore washing machine 31 error code


MCU Failure

Check that the wiring harnesses between the MCU, motor and central control unit are securely connected by disconnecting the machine from the mains. Make sure there are no worn or broken components in the drive system. Plug in the washing machine and then check the MCU for drive motor activity. Check the rotation of the drive motor. Request Service

kenmore washing machine F33 error code


Pump Drive System Error

Disconnect the washer. Check the wire harnesses to make sure there’s a good connection between the pump drive and CCU. Plug in the washer and run the diagnostics to make sure the CCU is working. Request Service

kenmore washing machine F35 error code


Analog pressure sensor error, unit is flooding

To troubleshoot, first manually open the door and then replace the pressure switch located under the top panel on the right side wall. Remove the three screws along the bottom of the front panel to unlock the door. By removing the panel, you can reach behind the top front panel and pull down on the tiny plastic pull that is attached to the bottom of the door lock assembly. This way, you can manually unlock the door and then open it. Request Service



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