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Samsung Fridge error codes
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Samsung Fridge Error Codes

Before calling us check if your Samsung Appliance is displaying any of error codes provided below:

Code Error Solution

1E, 5E, SE

The power grid experienced a power outage instance. Your fridge won’t supply water or ice until you fix the error.
You have to press and hold the Energy Saver button and Lighting button simultaneously for not less than 15 seconds.

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88, 83E, 85E, 86E

It means some kind of power loss. These codes are returned in case the power supply was interrupted or is unstable
Disconnect your fridge from the mains, wait not less than 60 seconds, and plug the fridge into the mains socket again.

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Flashing OF OF

The code means your fridge compartment is out of the required temperature mode. It often happens when you leave your fridge door open.
If the door is ajar, close it again and wait for the refrigerating appliance to cool down to the required temperature.

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The error code is returned when the door sensor and the main electronic unit are disconnected.
Check if your fridge door seals the compartment well, and nothing is preventing it from closing. If you see any grease, dust, or other debris on the top of the door, wipe it using a napkin.

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This code is displayed if the water valve or ice maker goes faulty.
You’ll have to replace the water valve with the new one. Check if the ice maker is on. If there some ice in the fill tube, thaw it to remove the blockage. See if the temperature is below 8 °F.

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24E, 40E

This error code means that the Freezer defrost function has failed.
First, thaw the frost accumulated in the freezer compartment. Then, take out all the contents from the freezer compartment and dismantle its back inner wall. Next, take your hairdryer and use it at a warm setting to thaw any ice or frost accumulated there. After that, reinstall the wall. Finally, reset your refrigerating appliance by pressing and holding the upper left and right buttons simultaneously.

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This code is returned in case the defrost mode of the fridge compartment malfunctioned
Verify if the defrost timer and the electronic control unit operate properly. If they are broken, call a specialist.

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This error code is displayed when the condenser fan has some malfunction.
Check if power is supplied to the fridge condenser fan. Reconnect any wires that may go loose if there is no power supply. If everything is OK with the power supply, replace the fan with the new one.

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