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Modern kitchens strive to be creative and diverse, which is why high-tech ovens try their best to satisfy all the desires of home cooks regarding food. Most models are equipped with advanced technologies that allow you to use 3D heating, self-cleaning, convection, grills, filters and catalytic coating to make bold culinary innovations. Modern features can do cooking faster and easier, but small appliances can break down, resulting in the loss of essential kitchen appliances. Urgent repair of a gas or electric stove at home, performed by our qualified experts in Guelph, will help you restore the appliance’s performance and avoid unpleasant surprises that may arise when you repair a damaged part yourself.

Superior Appliance Service is the best appliance repair business in Guelph. We have been restoring the functionality of our appliances in our customers’ kitchens for over 40 years. Our technicians are certified professionals with extensive experience in servicing home appliances. We provide fast and quality gas and electric stove repair services in Guelph that will fit into your busy schedule. We understand that there is no time convenient for an oven malfunction. That’s why our skilled engineers are waiting to fix your oven in just one day!

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What Oven Breakdowns Do Our Guelph Technicians Fix?

Oven malfunctions are rare, but they can happen anytime and ruin your plans for a delicious meal or dinner. If your oven does not heat up or the temperature is not stable, try these tips to solve the problem immediately. Let’s first take a look at the most common problems encountered with electric ovens.

  • Before calling a technician for repair, make sure the issue exists and do an initial examination. Be sure to check the device is plugged into the outlet and is powered.
  • Inspect the cable for damage, kinks, breaks or cracks. Soot, dark spots on the socket or plug or melting of the outer winding of the cable indicate a problem. If everything is in order, the problem is internal.

Problems with the control panel

A typical cause of a kitchen oven malfunction is a failure of the oven control system. This type of malfunction can cause the oven to stop working properly. In most cases, the problem is easy to spot – an error message will appear on the display. To fix the fault, purchase an original part from the company’s website or a certified service centre.

Failure of heating elements

It’s easy to tell whether your oven’s heating components are not working properly. Just turn on the oven and alter the temperature. Determine if the temperature inside is rising by using your hands and a kitchen mitt. It is not advised to make an autonomous replacement of the heating element as it will require technical knowledge.

Fan failure

Appliances operating on electricity use oven fans to ensure hot air flow. Uneven cooking is a prime indicator of failure. Motors that power fans may accumulate dust and dirt on the impellers, rendering them difficult to use. The fan must be kept clean since it is constantly in contact with oil and grease. If such a breakdown occurs, the best option is to entrust the repair to a professional.

Gas ovens are more complex than electric ovens, so it is important to be attentive to their maintenance. Make sure the main pipe’s gas valve is not closed. Also, ensure that the gas hose is intact. If everything is in order, the problem may lie elsewhere.

Problems with the thermostat

The thermostat is responsible for heating the oven to the appropriate temperature. If it fails, it must be replaced immediately.

An inoperative thermocouple

This unit provides a normal gas supply to the oven and will ignite the oven’s plate. If the oven fails to begin to heat up, a damaged solenoid valve that hinders the oven from heating up enough may be the reason. This part must only be replaced in its entirety.

If you’re uncertain about your ability to fix the oven or have tried these solutions but still haven’t solved the problem, you should leave your oven repair to our Guelph oven repair experts. Our technicians have experience in the repair of gas, induction, as well as dual-fuel devices. We repair ovens of any model, brand or type. If you want the most effective oven troubleshooting in Guelph, consider Superior Appliance Service!

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24/7 Oven Repairs In Guelph You Will Definitely Stay With!

Superior Appliance Service has a committed team of technical experts. We provide kitchen appliance repair, maintenance service, warranty, and disposal. Your safety is our highest priority. We also care about maintaining the oven’s optimal temperatures and efficiency. We only employ the best technicians for fast and efficient oven repair in Guelph. What additional services can we provide?

  • A price you can count on. When you choose Superior Appliance Service, there are no hidden costs which means you’re fully aware of what you’re getting as well as the price.
  • It’s easy to schedule. Contact us, and we’ll set the date and time frame that suits you to complete the repair.
  • All repairs are covered by a warranty. We’re confident about the quality of our work. We offer a 90-day guarantee on all our services.
  • Timeliness. Appliance breakdowns can be frustrating, so we are here to assist. To reduce discomfort, we offer 24/7 oven repair service in Guelph.
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What People Are Saying About Our Guelph Oven Repairs

Susan Armstrong

Yusef came same day and did a thorough job of checking my dryer. Thank you Yusef!

Feb 9, 2024
Janice Sveinbjornson

The service person arrived promptly shortly after we requested service. They did a diagnostic and said likely the leak came from another source, which it must have, as it works fine now. Good service, honest feedback.

Feb 12, 2024
Mary Damiano

Great job 👍

Feb 7, 2024
Ernie Williams

Amazing service

Dec 19, 2023
Yuan Zou

Great people and great service! I am very happy with the professional team service.

Dec 19, 2023

Superior Appliance Service responded to my concern about odd sounds coming from laundry machine at the start of the cycle and grinding sound with spin. Mohammed arrived and was courteous. He addressed my concerns and put the machine through the diagnostic workup. He told me that the drum was balanced, springs were in good order and showed me some of the diagnostic work. He assured me that our LG laundry machine is in good working order.

Feb 5, 2024
Janet Trujillo

They were very accommodating on short notice. Very friendly, efficient and knowledgeable.

Dec 14, 2023
Elizabeth Ludlow

Emin was great. Diagnosed the problem and fixed it quickly

Dec 11, 2023

Common Oven Problems We Solve in Guelph

  • Oven keeps beeping
  • Oven is not heating up
  • Oven is overheating
  • Oven smells like gas leak
  • Oven fan won’t turn off
  • Oven fan keeps running
  • Oven is making a creaking noise
  • Oven smells like chemicals
  • Oven is not getting hot enough
  • Oven touch screen is not working
  • Gas oven igniter keeps clicking
  • Oven is not reaching the temperature
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Oven Parts We Can Replace in Guelph

We have spare parts for ovens of any make and model:
  • Igniter
  • Burner
  • Rack
  • Baffle
  • Fan Blade
  • Light Bulb
  • Vent Tube
  • Gasket
  • Broil Element
  • Door Switch
  • Grease Filter
  • Bake Element
  • Convection Fan
  • Control Knob
  • Spark Electrode
  • Terminal Block
  • Spark Module
  • Coil Surface Element
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Our experts always have the most common replacement parts on hand to repair your oven on site. All parts we use are genuine and provided by the original manufacturers.
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